Pizza Theory Pre-Order

It’s Official! Pre-Orders for Pizza Theory are now available via kickstarter.  It also shows the finalized box and game art that was designed by our publisher. Take a look:


2 responses to “Pizza Theory Pre-Order

  1. Looks like it’s getting orders pretty quick! Almost 75% of the way there. Also, I like the video by you guys 🙂

    So where are you at with Empower? I want to play that again, and check out this new “Paladin” unit.

  2. Hey Eric, Thanks for your support.

    Yeah, I’m not too worried about the kickstarter reaching its goal. It’s pretty exciting to see it getting purchased by people all over the world.

    Empower has been on the back-burner for a while, since I moved out of town, and we’ve been dealing with some of the behind the scenes for Pizza Theory (like the expansion). But we should be bringing Empower back out again now that we’re starting a monthly game design group.

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