About Us

We are brothers who co-design board games.

photo courtesy of Jorgen Gulliksen (Napa Valley Register)

This blog is designed to catalog the process and progress of the games we make, and to share them with the world.

Brian Powers is an aspiring engineer who is married to a professional cosplayer.  He enjoys playing many board games and video games (though board games are easier and cheaper to enjoy with friends).  He thinks Braid and Portal are some of the greatest games in both level design and atmosphere.  He owns over 30 games and likes learning new games.  He prefers competitive strategy games and is not opposed to excessively complex games.

Greg Powers has a bachelors degree in Statistics.  He plays board games and a lot of online Flash games.  He prefers strategy and puzzle games, and generally dislikes games with a high luck factor.

Contact us: PowersGameDesign@gmail.com