Pizza Theory

To be published by Gryphon Games in 2012!


The three way battle to craft the perfect pizza

Designed By:
Brian Powers & Greg Powers

No. of Players: 3
Ages: 8 and up
Playing Time: 10 – 15 minutes
Box Contents:
1 Pizza Board
48 Topping Tokens
(16 each of 3 colors)
3 Skewers
18 Cards
(Numbers 1-6 in each color)

Objective: To get all of your topping on the pizza before the other chefs.

Game Play:

Pizza Theory is a unique game designed for 3 players. There is no randomness in the game, and the turn actions are very simple. However, the outcome of each round is very unpredictable. Each round the 3 players simultaneously divide the Pizza into one of 216 possible outcomes. The resulting regions determine who gains and who loses toppings on the Pizza.

Every round each player adds one of their toppings to the Pizza, then the players secretly choose where they will split the Pizza on one of the three different axes. The resulting lines divide the play area into anywhere between 4 and 7 regions. In each region the player with majority replaces their opponents toppings with their own. The Pizza is rotated in between rounds to give each player a new direction to cut from. The game continues until one player has placed all their toppings.

Notes: To allow the players the most freedom in which topping they play as, the toppings should be represented by a generic shape in White, Green, and Red. The cards could have art of the corresponding toppings, but it wouldn’t be required. Also some modification to to board such that the skewers can’t disturb the pieces while being placed and removed would be helpful if it could be implemented cost effectively.

Game Development Stage: Prototype complete

Printable PDF of this page: Pizza Theory Spec Sheet


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