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Hello Board Gamers

Thank you for visiting Powers Games.

My name is Brian Powers, and I like board games.  My brother Greg and I have been playing board games since before I can remember, and we’ve been developing board games since spring 2009.

There are three main reasons we created this site.

One is to give us a location to describe our “completed” games.  Though from the perspective of a developer, I’m not sure a board game can ever truly be finished.  I guess we’ll stop making changes once they get published, unless we get to make expansions too…  You can see our two games with complete prototypes under the “Completed Games” menu up top.

The second is to let us chronicle our works in progress.  While we have over a dozen concepts that will probably never see daylight (or screenlight?), we will describe the projects that show promise.  Once a game does get to a playable state, it can be very helpful to let it out in the air; to see it from a new angle and try to get some fresh ideas to improve it.  This includes playing it with a friend who hasn’t seen it yet, or writing down all of the rules onto paper, or trying to describe why it will be awesome to the internet.

And of course, we created this site to be a blog.  Both Greg and I will share our thoughts on all aspects of Board Gaming.  Some of the things we would like to discuss in the future include: game reviews, interesting game mechanics,  social aspects of gaming, our experiences as game developers, and the relevance of board games in the internet age.

I would also like to add a disclaimer that we are not strictly board gamers, and we may touch upon console, PC, physical (gasp!), or imaginary future games in this blog.

There are games.  And there are Powers Games.