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Pacificon 2012

I just posted a monster entry, so I’ll try to keep this one short, for my sake as well as yours.

I’m attending Pacificon Game Expo this weekend in Santa Clara.  Greg is on vacation this week, so I am forced to go without him. However, I have a valiant friend standing in for him, because Pizza Theory must be sold! That’s right, I will be in the dealer’s room with Pizza Theory for sale.  Stop by to learn the rules, challenge me to a game, or bring some friends and challenge them.  Or just say hi to me. This may be the last time we personally sell Pizza Theory at a convention, so don’t miss it.

More importantly, I am hosting the 3rd official Pizza Theory Tournament on Sunday from 1 PM to 3PM.  If we have at least 18 participants, then the winner will receive a free copy of Pizza Theory. Already have one? You can gift it to a friend because you know they love pizza and board games almost as much as you. The maximum number of players is 27, so don’t let it fill up without you. Signup sheets should be somewhere.

I hope to see you there,

Brian Powers